Field View Electrical Ltd. Penrith

Non Paying Customers

Looks like by popular demand we are going to bring back our Name & Shame page on our web site due to the amount of  people not paying there invoices on time.

Here's some of the reasons why payment hasn't been made

I haven't  had a invoice  

Been on Holiday (what 3 months)

It went in the bin by mistake 

Just Bought a new car

Moved House left it at the old house

Didn't ask for the work to be done?

I Phoned to but no one was there  

Called in but the lady in the office said it was OK to pay later 

Had them all so if you dont want to appear on our website and face book Name & Shame page make sure you pay on time!

You have been warned!

Join The Team.......
How safe is your Christmas


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Sunday, 18 August 2019