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Our new Home......and an hour extra this weekend!


So its been nearly a month now in our new home, like any move we still have things in boxes items that need a home but as we settle in more and move we are getting back to normality thankfully its not every week that you move! It did give us the opportunity to have a clear out and dispose of things that had been hanging about for for years just in case they may be needed. I think we all have one of those cupboards/drawers in our house that everything just gets put in that doesn't have a home!

So the phones are all working now and we have a new number that is working along side the old ones or new number is 017684 80754 as we have moved to just outside Penrith we have moved into a new area code so couldn't  just take our number with us.

We have all our computers up and running but due to being off line for almost a week we are running slightly behind on processing paperwork but have been working very hard to catch up. Once our display area is sorted we will update you with some more photos and we will keep you updated with our progress.

Its been nice to see some of our customers at our new offices we are open daily 8am til 5pm feel free to call in we hold a wide range of stock her on site and are able to order special items in we have managed to source some obscure items in the past.

So as we reach the end of another month don't forget its the weekend to turn your clocks back an hour ........If you are anything most of us half your clocks will change by themselves and the rest will be on the wrong time for 6 months ! So if your heating and lighting don't come on check your timers are on the right time and enjoy the extra hour on Sunday!

Enjoy the view from our office window ...

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Thursday, 18 August 2022