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Here at Field View Electrical Ltd we have two apprentices Danny Roper & Adam Walton this page dedicated to Danny to give you an insight to the various jobs Danny carries out over a week at work with our electricians.

While Danny is on site he is supervised by one of our qualified electricians most of the time Danny is capable of carrying out the tasks on site without supervision, but his work is always checked and tested before he powers it up for operation by the customer. 

During his apprenticeship Danny will have to show he is capable of learning the various rules and regulations and he can install systems safely to current 18th regulations and to Kendal Collage that he can complete his work modules to complete his course to become a qualified electrician in the future.

We can't list every job Danny has completed during his week but here are the main ones and will give you an idea of what happens behind the scenes at Field View Electrical Ltd.


Its Monday first job of the week  Danny had to attend a Care Home @ Carlisle where we had to repair and service faulty emergency lighting units, Danny had to check and find the reported faults and repair, he successfully completed the various jobs and left the buildings emergency lighting system in full working order.


Danny was involved in upgrading the lighting in a Village hall in the Eden Valley once all the old fluorescent fittings had been removed he assisted in installing new Led fittings on the ceiling and testing the installation the village hall now has the benefits of new led lighting with a new the energy saving lighting system.


On Portable Appliance Testing at a residential home in Appleby Danny was carrying out Pat testing when he found a number of faults from faulty equipment to damage casing on some equipment or very poor electrical repairs to a fish tank wiring in a hallway by the time he had finished he had repaired or disposed of the faulty units and left the buildings equipment safe for use until next year's visit.


Was a very busy day as Danny was involved in a emergency callout  to a leisure center which went on late into the night just outside Penrith where the pumping and filtering system for the swimming pool had failed after checking the wiring found a couple of faults in the system after parts collected from supplier and installed the pool was back up and running for use of the customers.


The weekend is near but the work continues to come in today Danny was tasked with installing new lamps in various stage lighting units and setting up the lights for the stage performance that night which he did and the show went on with no problems thanks to Danny's help & later that day he was installing a new bathroom extractor fan isolator outside the bathroom door bring the installation up to date.

Well It's been very busy week but its the weekend & thanks to Danny and the rest of our Team we have completed all the this weeks work on time with happy customers all round,so it's time to have a beer and enjoy the weekend.

If Field View Electrical Ltd can help you with any of your electrical jobs please give us a call as no job is to big or small

Telephone 017684 80754 or Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Danny Installing Emergency Lighting Unit
Installing New Extractor Isolator Switch
New Led Lighting Village Hall
Christmas Opening Times


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Tuesday, 28 June 2022